Millionaire Challenge

Welcome to the Millionaire Challenge, the exciting challenge for wannabe entrepreneurs and those with a great idea and the passion and commitment to make that a reality.

Later in the year, we'll be running a special business challenge. The purpose of the business challenge will be to see who can run the most successful business venture. Can you really start from minimal investment and end up creating a company that can turn over a million dollars in the course of just one here? That's precisely what we aim to find out.

There are a wide range of possible ventures that you might consider running, and they don't necessarily have to be internet only, although in order to create a business from scratch with minimal investment income it may be that a web driven business selling some kind of information product will seem particularly attractive to you.

However there are a wide range of physical products that you could also consider selling and there are two main strategies that you might like to adopt.

The first of these strategies is to sell a product that is already on sale, but to bring something unique and different to that product. For instance you might like to sell printed T-shirts - already done by a lot of companies, but bring something unique to the mix. What could that be? Well, you could differentiate on price and sell them for less than anyone else. Or perhaps you have a new unique range of dyes and inks that will really make your T-shirts stand out. Maybe you have some excellent and intuitive online fulfillment system that will enable peopel to create their own art and design with unparalleled ease and therefore offer them a value added service above what is available elsewhere. It really is up to you.

Of course, the second approach is to be truly innovative and to do something that no-one else is currently doing. Perhaps that's to take an offline product and make it available online for the first time, or perhaps it is something brand new. If you've invented a new product or a new twist on something, then you could perhaps launch that idea as your million dollar making idea.

If you are interested in the million dollar challenge, and believe that your idea could be the winner, then this is the challenge for you!

If you think you can make $1,000,000 in a year and would like to participate in the challenge, please Apply to receive more details.